Why Dennis Rodman?

Hello everyone,

I thought I would write a blog :D 

I grew up playing basketball since the age of 5, my dad would wake me up at 6am to play with all the older girls since I was a teen. Hated it but as I got older I cherish all of those moments I had as a kid and the friends I've made. My mum and dad bought me 90s bulls memorabilia. I had matching outfits, a duvet and sheet set and multiple hats. So safe to say I have a big basketball background. A lot of my friends still play and are amazing. 

Dennis Rodman is an icon to me. I don't know anyone else who has made him into a candle. I thought, wow I'd love to have this - then it set off my brand. 

90s bulls era will always be a time to remember - Pippen, Jordan, Phil Jackson. In basketball he is a hustler. He embodies "heart" Off the court he is an individual. I love his style, so individualistic. He begun cross-dressing as a child. Early in his NBA career he would drive into downtown Detroit and give $100 bills to homeless he said "You can’t help everybody, but you can help some people. I make millions now. What’s $250?”

Every time I take his face out of the mold it makes me so happy. I spend hours in my garage doing this so I only ever want to create things I love. 

I am currently reading his book "I should be dead by now" which is really good.

I have so much bulls clothing. I love anything bulls vintage and I used to go to the op shop Save Mart in Northcote (Auckland, NZ) every second day looking for it! haha

I hope you guys enjoy! I have been adding gold detailing to create a nose ring and earrings for him. He smells like vanilla caramel and just fills my room with beautiful eromas. I custom mix the scents. 


Stevee xx

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