the why?

Kia ora,

I think behind building a brand and spending a lot of capital behind it you need to have a solid "why" especially when you are doing very late nights. 

For me, I think being authentic to ones self is one of the most hardest things you can do. Societal pressure tells you to get a car loan, buy a home and fit into a 9-5 role and be normal. Try step outside this and suddenly you're "weird"

I'm a simp. I am writing this at my 9-5 just upset. I video called my parents this morning whom are living in NZ. They're doing well. But I miss them. I can't go see them unless I permanently move back to NZ. I am not quite ready for that. I guess these are just first world problems. 

I deal directly with a lady named Eta. She is a real life angel. She feeds dogs whom are dumped at a local cemetery every day and has around 8 living at her home. I am currently doing my research on how dogs can actually be adopted out of Bali but it seems like a big challenge and they can only be adopted to the US or Europe. 

Me personally, I feel like I have to try and help dogs. I have grown up in poor neighborhoods where I have seen "dangerously labelled" dogs abused so badly. I have stolen 3 dogs now and re homed them. I will write this on here because the people were disgusting and could go to jail for how they treated the dogs. One person left two puppies chained up at our family bach for 3 days. We took them off and waited for owner to return. They didn't. One neighbor went on holiday and let their pit bull on the chain next door. I heard it crying - tangled up, starving. They came back one week later and this dog was roaming around on a farm with this man I found on TradeMe living her best life. 

2 years ago I traveled to Thailand, post break up. Just wanting to try get my mind off things. I went alone and volunteered at Soi Dog. I was put with the elderly dogs where I walked 30 per day and just gave them love. It was so sad. Imagine being 60 years old, half blind and having to live with other grumpy old men. But at least they're fed and given some attention from tourists and volunteers and not on the street. The foundation also adopt dogs out and have an on-site vet. It is great. 

My daughter is basically the image of me. She loves animals so much and wants to be a vet or a professional basketball player. I think setting a good example and showing her the importance of where her money goes is very important. Also with this heavily invested social media era it is important for her to have interests which don't involve tiktok dances. 

Anyways! I am committed to helping as much animals as I possibly can. We named this girl "Rose" 

I am in no way blaming Bali locals for this treatment. Imaging having tourism fuel your income and feed your children and all of a sudden everything is gone. 

I am very appreciative as my platform online grows as I know i will be able to help more dogs. 


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